Cycling adventures even in the winter

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Val di Sole Bikeland... even in the winter

A passion knows no seasons and this is why, if you love your bike, you should not have to stop pedalling, even if there is snow and ice under your wheels instead of grass and asphalt. Fat bikes are the answer: with their really fat tyres (hence their name), they are easy to ride on soft terrain like snow.  This means you can explore a winter wonderland of routes and trails surrounded by the silence and stillness of nature in the snow.  

Not fit enough? No worry, pedal-assisted E-fat bikes mean you enjoy the ride without too much effort on your part. 

Can you already hear the snow crunching under your wheels? 

Where to rent your fat and e-fat bikes

Andreis Specialized Rent | © Archivio Andreis Cicli

Andreis Cicli Specialized

Pit Stop Bike - Celledizzo di Peio | © Archivio Pit Stop Bike
Peio - Terzolas

Pit Stop Bike

Skiarea Sport Shop Marilleva | © Archivio Skiarea Sport Shop
Marilleva Mezzana

Skiarea Sport Shop

Noleggio PonteTonale.Bike | © Archivio PonteTonale.Bike
Passo Tonale - Grand Hotel Miramonti


Who organises fat bike excursions?

Passo Tonale - Grand Hotel Miramonti


Recommended gear for a fat bike ride

What should you wear?

  • Comfy warm clothing (don’t forget your gloves!)
  • waterproof hiking boots
  • a change of socks and vest (it might sound strange, but we will make you sweat!)
  • cycling helmet
  • bring snacks and a drink (to top up your calorie and liquid levels!)

Have fun!

Fat bike, le ruote grasse per la neve | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Caspar Diederick