Exploring this land and its precious treasures

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Discover the valley and its history between legends and traditions, handed down from generation to generation up to our times

Museums and castles

Exploring history and our traditions: from medieval castles to First World War forts, sawmills, flour mills and museums. A journey into our culture, with interesting facts and fun discoveries!

Art and crafts

Wood, iron and pottery: these are the main elements used for our art and crafts. A centuries-old tradition, handed down from one generation to the next, through to modern times. Be inspired.


The daily life of yesterday told to the families of today: learning about lifestyles that have now disappeared, together with arts, crafts and jobs linked to life in the countryside and the woods. Processing milk, life in a mountain farmhouse (malga or maso), working wood, pottery and iron: so much to learn!

Historic and cultural itineraries

Simple walks discerning places steeped in history, art and culture: forts, castles, palaces and churches that guard real hidden treasures. Follow us on these itineraries

Traces of the
Great War

During WWI, Val di Sole became a strategic area during what became known as the «White War»: Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops fought to have control of the surrounding mountain peaks and glaciers, among the freezing temperatures of the Adamello and Ortles-Cevedale mountain groups.
Caution in the mountains