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A real open-air museum, Sulle tracce della Grande Guerra is the result of systematic renovation and conservation of First World War relics in the Vermiglio and Passo Tonale areas. The itinerary takes in the War Museum of Vermiglio, the multimedia exhibition in Forte Strino and the high altitude Galleria Paradiso, each of which offers fascinating insights into the fortifications that characterise the Tonale landscape and the history of the so-called «White War», fought on high-altitude snows and glaciers.


To never forget

During WWI, Val di Sole became a strategic area during what became known as the «White War»: Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops fought to have control of the surrounding mountain peaks and glaciers, among the freezing temperatures of the Adamello and Ortles-Cevedale mountain groups. There are many different types of battle remains in this area like trenches and forts that changed Val di Sole's landscape forever. Over the years, a considerable and above all commendable amount of work has been carried out to conserve and preserve war forts and trails used during WWI in addition to the creation of museums where many historical artefacts and remains have been placed in order to enrich our historical heritage and to never forget the past. Since this year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI, we would like to describe several itineraries and historical points of interest.


Remembering WWI: more than 100 years from the war's start

The «White War Museum»
in Vermiglio

This museum is located within the Cultural Centre of the town of Vermiglio. This exhibit, at the «White War Museum», has a wide range of historically important war remains. The museum hosts a vast collection of war relics that were personally retrieved from the surrounding mountains by Emilio Serra

The «White War Museum»
in Peio

This museum tells the story of the soldiers that fought during the war. The exhibit gives visitors the chance to experience the daily life of soldiers on the warfront and how life was like for people living in the valley. A wide range of relics can be found: equipment, weapons, documents, photographs and videos

Fort Strino

Located in a strategic position, right along the road that from the town of Vermiglio goes towards Passo Tonale, Fort Strino has undergone extensive restoration. The fort has become both an important historical and educational destination, with an interesting war exhibit and several interactive areas

Paradiso Tunnel

A long tunnel, that was dug in the granite rock during WWI, and used by the soldiers as a shelter: here, at a height of 2585 m at Passo Paradiso, right at the foot of the Presena Glacier, you can visit an interesting selection of war relics. The voices and the sounds within the tunnel are what make this exhibit truly unique

Punta Linke Museum

Located near the Punta Linke peak, at a height of 3632 m, it was one of the most important and strategic Austro-Hungarian sites during the war but it was then abandoned by the troops during the «White War». Over the decades, the ice and snow on this peak perfectly conserved the fort in its original state


Other historical attractions

There are numerous other forts in the area that are all part of the complex «sbarramento Tonale», the Austrian fortification system on the Italian border:

  • Fort Zaccarana (Tonale area)
  • Fort Mero (Tonale area)
  • Fort Pozzi Alti (Vermiglio area)
  • Fort Velon (Vermiglio area)
  • Fort Barba di Fiore (Peio area)
  • Saint Rocco Military Cemetery (Peio Paese)
  • Parco della Pace, Austro-Hungarian cemetery (Ossana)

Many of these sites, which were abandoned for many decades, have recently undergone extensive restoration and are now partially open to the public. The best way to learn more about these locations is to visit them by following several excursions described at the following website (only in italian language).


In the battlegrounds of the Great War

Forte Strino Vermiglio | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Luca Brentari

The Forts Trekking



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