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The Galleria Paradiso (Paradiso Tunnel) is located right at Passo Paradiso (2.573 meters) which can be reached by taking the Paradiso gondola in Passo Tonale. The museum is located in a long tunnel dug in the granite rock during WWI, and used by the soldiers as a shelter from the freezing temperatures, snowstorms and enemy artillery. It now hosts a multimedia exhibition called «Suoni e Voci della Guerra Bianca» (Sounds and Voices of the White War) that includes a selection of war relics with information regarding the events that took place on the glacier and the conditions of the lives of the soldiers. The sound system within the tunnel creates a unique atmosphere with music, sounds and voices of the war, that have been muffled to recreate the same sounds that soldiers heard when they were in the tunnel. The echoes and sounds of the battle outside, the explosions, the desperate cries for help of the wounded soldiers, the voices of refugees, but also the rare moments of joy representing the intense bond of friendship between the soldiers.
Outside the tunnel, in the surrounding area, it is possible to visit an educational itinerary that will give you the chance to discover the Monticelli fortified area, a key area of the Austrian defence system in Passo Tonale.

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Passo Tonale, arrival station of the Paradiso gondola lift


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