Historical library «Alla Torraccia»

Customs and traditions


The ‘Alla Torraccia’ Biblioteca Storica was inaugurated by the Val di Sole Study Centre in August 1991. Since 2009 it has been part of the Trentino library network. It has a wealth of collections and land registry documents concerning Val di Sole and neighbouring areas, plus a collection of valley-specific studies and research papers. The Fondo Bezzi and Fondo Ciccolini sections are of particular importance. Both form part of the personal library of two key Trentino intellectuals: Giovanni Ciccolini (Terzolas, 6 November 1876 - Terzolas, 6 February 1949), teacher, historian and archivist, politician and erudite, and Quirino Bezzi (Cusiano, 5 November 1914 -Trento, 25 February 1989), educator, historian, journalist, writer, poet, and populariser of Val di Sole culture.

The Library is housed in Terzolas in the exquisite rooms of Palazzo Malanotti, also called the 'Torraccia'. A stunning example of a late Renaissance nobleman's residence, it was built between 1573 and 1579 at the behest of Francesco Enigler. The hall on the second floor is decorated with a 17th century fresco bearing the Malanotti coats of arms. Between 1652 and 1665 the canon Bernardino Malanotti of Caldes had the building extended and refurbished.

Opening period

Until October: every Saturday afternoon only on reservation


Terzolas, Piazza della Torraccia, 2


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