Rafting in Val di Sole

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Rafting in Val di Sole

When it comes to rafting, Val di Sole is your top choice. And that's not just our opinion, but also that of National Geographic, which includes the River Noce in its list of top ten rivers in the world for rafting.
Hardly surprising then, that this sport is one of the most popular in Val di Sole. What’s more, it’s an activity suitable for all, requiring no particular skills. The only indispensable premise is that you know how to swim. Then simply turn up on the riverbank and put yourself to the test!  Our expeditions are always led by a professional guide who provides you with technical advice and essential instructions before setting off.

Rafting sul Fiume Noce - Extreme Waves | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Alice Russolo


What is rafting?

An extreme sport or a fun activity suitable for all?
In Val di Sole it’s both! The 28 km of navigable waters along the River Noce let you choose the adrenaline rush of the rapids or fun on calmer stretches.  All in the company of experienced, professional, fun rafting guides: a whirl of emotions down the river on special dinghies.



Who can go rafting?

As long as you have a taste for fun, you don’t need any particular skills. You can have a great time with your family or friends, use it as team building with colleagues or make up a team with others you meet on the day. Each raft holds from four to six people, who join forces against a common adversary: the river, with its fierce roaring waters.


Rely on professionals to have fun along the Noce River


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surfing on river noce water


Hydrospeeding is like having a face-off with the river: the force of nature, the energy of the water, and the adrenaline will make you live an unforgettable experience. All you need is to wear a wetsuit, a pair of fins, and a helmet, and with a riverboard in hand, you'll be ready to tackle the sparkling waters of the Noce River.

In search of adventure

Canoeing & kayaking

Canoeing is the king of river sports on the Noce River. It's an extremely fun activity, suitable for anyone who wants to learn to experience the river environment in all its forms. By paddling through the waves, you'll feel at one with the water.

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