The art of surviving in nature


Loads of adventures in the wilderness

Going into the mountains doesn’t just mean outdoor excursions, hiking or trying out some adrenaline-rush mountaineering; it is also knowing what to do in case of need.
The unexpected must always be considered when you have anything to do with nature.

For example, what would you do if you lost your way in the middle of a wood? Would you be able to keep calm? Would you know what to do?

One interesting fun activity could help you in case of need: have you ever heard of “Bushcraft”?
The clue is in the name itself, as they say. The “craft” or art of surviving in the "bush", namely, the wild. Perhaps it’s a little clearer now, but here’s a more detailed explanation: Bushcraft is the practice that teaches survival in woodlands or other natural environments, using only the resources available in nature.
Without any artificial aid therefore. No electronic and/or mechanical means, none of the tools that you would normally use in your everyday life. Just you and untamed nature.

challenge yourself

Put your skills to the test

What better place then than Val di Sole for trying out Bushcraft? As you know, about 1/3 of our area is in the protected Stelvio National Park and Adamello Brenta Nature Park.
Which means plenty of uncharted territory for practising this experience to the max.

You know you want to. So, what are you waiting for? Try our test and find out:

  • Would you be able to light a fire? Obviously without using matches or firelighters.
  • Would you manage to build an emergency shelter obviously using only what you find in nature?
  • And if you were asked to try and make tools from wood?
Bushcraft | © Archivio ApT Val di Sole - Foto Giacomo Podetti

If this challenge sounds like just your thing, come and try some good bushcraft. This is an all-year-round activity, practicable whatever the season. Throughout the activity you will be accompanied by an expert Alpine Guide who will teach you some valuable tricks to help you survive!

What you need?
Nothing in particular, apart from suitable clothing and hiking boots. In winter, when there is a lot of snow, we will also use snow shoes. You won’t need your mobile phone and, during the activity that lasts about 4 hours, you will have to do without it.

Who to contact for this activity

Bushcraft | © Ph. Archivio Ursus Adventures
Ossana - Marilleva Mezzana

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