Ossana, the hamlet with 1000 nativity scenes

November 29th 2024 to January 6th 2025

The hamlet of Ossana, with almost 1600 nativity scenes on display, is waiting to welcome you! But that’s not all…you can take a stroll through the Christmas Market with its traditional little wooden chalets where you’ll find local handicrafts and products. And why not try a hot cup of mulled wine and some delicious Christmas treats surrounded by the festive atmosphere of the season!

But you can't miss the main and most important feature of this event, the San Michele Castle. In 2014, the castle reopened to the public and this medieval castle is now also open during winter. Once inside the castle walls, you'll discover a special nativity scene: it tells a true story that took place on Christmas Eve during World War I in a war trench.


Ossana, Il Borgo dei Presepi | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Pillow Lab

Nativity scenes

Ossana, Il Borgo dei Presepi - Castello San Michele | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Pillow Lab

The San Michele Castle

Ossana, Il Borgo dei Presepi | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Pillow Lab

Christmas Markets

Ossana, Il Borgo dei Presepi - Casa di Babbo Natale | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Pillow Lab

Santa's House


In 2024, the hamlet of Ossana is celebrating the XXV° edition of this nativity scene display that has become a «must-not-miss» tradition for locals, tourists and all visitors that come to Val di Sole and the nearby valleys. Discovering all of the nativity scenes is fun and easy, just follow the red rope with Christmas decorations on it and the old oil lamps that will light up the itinerary. Let the light guide you as you discover all of these unique nativity scenes!

All of the nativity scenes on display have been created by various volunteer associations, schools, families, artists and citizens of the town of Ossana and from the rest of Val di Sole. Being able to admire all of the creativity and effort that has gone into creating these nativity scenes, which are often made with unusual materials (for ex. fabric, wood, seeds, corn leaves), is definitely a special experience. Each and every person that participates in creating this event hopes that visitors will be able to understand just what Christmas means to them through the nativity scene they’ve created. All of the hidden corners and old courtyards of the town will come to life with music and lights wrapped up in a peaceful and joyous atmosphere.


29.11.2024 - 06.01.2025 10 am - 10 pm


Ossana - in the town and in the San Michele Castle



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Record edition: 1600!

Nativity scenes

The nativity scene itinerary starts off from a magical comert right in the town centre of Ossana, and it winds its way through the narrow streets and hidden corners of this hamlet all the way up to the walls of the San Michele Castle: almost 1600 characteristic nativity scenes, all handmade by local citizens, artists, schools and volunteer associations from Ossana and from all of Val di Sole. You can admire these incredibly creative nativity scenes that are made using unusual materials like fabric, wood, seeds or corn leaves. And just for this special event, the itinerary in this quaint mountain hamlet is illuminated using ancient oil lamps. You can visit the nativity scenes from November 29th 2024 to January 6th 2025, from 10 am to 10 pm.




Located next to the San Vigilio Church . The nativity depicts scenes from daily life dating back several decades


Located within the walls of the San Michele Castle . This nativity scene was created for the WWI Centenary, taking visitors back to this war in the trenches and the chance to relive this true story that occurred on Christmas night during WWI


Located in the «Mas dei Voltolini» . This nativity scene was created to mark the 60th anniversary of the tragic airplane crash that occurred on December 22nd 1956 on Mount Giner at a height of 2.600 meters in the Ossana area


Within the exhibition, all the women victims of violence and femicide will be particularly remembered in one of the cribs. Exposed on a farm at the foot of the Castle of San Michele.


Made in 2020-2021, during the pandemic, it represents the faithful miniature of the village of Ossana.It is set up in the Sala Jacopo Aconcio on the ground floor of the Town Hall.


Nativity in alpine landscape on roots.

Among art & history

The San Michele Castle

The ancient walls of the castle are like a treasure chest just waiting to be opened and filled with the magical atmosphere of this event. Castel San Michele is definitely one of the main features of this special itinerary, where visitors will find an extraordinary nativity scene that is a symbol of all of the hardships that soldiers had to face during WWI. Don't miss this nativity scene!  The San Michele Castle - which reopened to the public in July 2014 - most likely dates back to the Lombard period (VI-VIII centuries), but the first written documents with information concerning the castle date back to the year 1191. The castle is in a fantastic position: it's located on a spur of rock that is inaccessible on three sides. An easy two minute walk takes you up to the quadrangular fortified tower from where you can enjoy a great view of the upper part of Val di Sole.





The San Vigilio Church and the San Michele Castle in Ossana are the most important historical and artistic points of interest in Ossana. The high altar and the pulpit in the San Vigilio Church, (named after Saint Vigilius, the bishop that during the IV e V centuries brought Christianity to Trentino) were created by the woodcarvers Ramus (the Baroque ancons were also carved and gilded in their workshops), are of particular importance.

Local handmade products

Christmas Markets

Browse through the stalls at the  Christmas market  nestled within the castle walls and take advantage of this special opportunity to purchase local handmade products. This event not only gives you the chance to discover the magical atmosphere of these special handmade nativity scenes, but you can also try typical local desserts like krapfen and frittelle di mele (special doughnuts and apple fritters) plus delicious spiced mulled wine.

A magical place

Santa's House

Santa’s House is an enchanting place where children will feel like they're in a magical Christmas dream. Here, you'll find a room full of gifts. You can also visit Santa Claus' room and meet lots of fantastic characters. Santa's wooden sleigh, the exact same sleigh that he uses to bring gifts to all the children in the world, will be waiting for you outside of his house...

Caution in the mountains