Discover our valley with all 5 senses

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  • taste
  • sustainabilty
  • history
  • water
  • nature
  • adrenaline
  • hospitality

We leave our mark. Simply and indelibly. In order to tell you all about Val di Sole, its uniqueness and the unforgettable experiences it has to offer.


Our main distinguishing feature in the winter is this natural element that colours our mountain sides and ensures lots of fun activities in the open air.

The great outdoor

One valley, so many different outdoor sports: hiking, cycling, rafting and lots of other ideas for your adventure holiday. Organise a totally outdoor summer.


Val di Sole, a point of reference for family holidays: lots of special kids' activities and family-friendly amenities. Check out what’s on offer!


Enjoy every moment of peace and quiet in our mountains: a totally relaxing holiday, all about wellbeing and open-air activities, in the natural setting of Val di Sole.


Un vacanza all'insegna del gusto tra profumi e sapori, alla scoperta della cucina di montagna e dei prodotti tipici della Val di Sole tra formaggi, salumi e miele. 


A journey into the history and traditions of our valley: its museums, castles, art and crafts will tell you all about the most private, little-known aspects of Val di Sole.
Caution in the mountains