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Close your eyes and imagine you're soaking your feet in waters that bubble up directly from a spring in the Stelvio National Park. Now open your eyes. Believe it or not, we can offer you exactly what you dreamed of!
Where? In the mountains of Val di Rabbi, in Trentino's first outdoor Kneipp therapy centre, a 550 m2 facility that offers unmatched tranquillity, relaxation and fun! The Kneipp ‘circuit’, made up of water and natural materials such as wood, pebbles and grass, restores vital energy and instils lasting well-being.
Wellness, peace and relaxation.
For wellness and nature lovers Val di Rabbi is also home to Trentino's first outdoor Kneipp therapy centre. Located in Valorz, near the town of San Bernardo, it is set in a lovely 550 m2 park with flower beds, fountains and a small lake. It's also equipped with larch deck chairs.
The Kneipp circuit applies the health principles of hydrotherapy by drawing on the fresh waters of the Rio Valorz and also offers the benefits of natural materials such as pebbles, grass, bark and wood. The healing properties of the water and the alternation of cold and hot water improve circulation and instil an immediate sense of physical well-being. The tranquility of the area around the Kneipp path infuses a profound sense of well-being and a sense of harmony with the surrounding environment. Once the Kneipp course is completed, the silent Val di Rabbi invites you to lay on a comfortable larch-wood deckchair or on the soft grass, bask in the sun and let yourself be lulled by the murmuring waters of the nearby lake.

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