School of Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering Val di Sole

Your very best friend in the mountains


Tradition, adventure, safety, experience, professional skills, strong values and passion for the mountains. When you listen to a mountain guide speaking about the mountains, these are the qualities and characteristics that definitely come through. An Alpine Guide is a skilled professional from a technical, educational and cultural standpoint, with a profound knowledge of all the secret aspects of the mountains and of mountaineering, which he or she teaches to others.
To discover the most fascinating and panoramic places in the valley, to broaden your knowledge on both the naturalist and anthropical aspects of the mountains and to choose the activity that best suits your needs, you can count on the experience and professional skills of the Alpine Guides in Val di Sole!


Exploring the mountains, at all heights and at all levels, during different seasons, in different valleys and in different mountain areas, this is the best way to truly discover the heart of the mountains. This is an overwhelming feeling that can only be appreciated when surrounded by silent open spaces and the freedom of a vast horizon:  either by climbing or hiking, , over rocks or snow: experience and enjoy each and every step.
The Mountain Alpine Guides of the Val di Sole Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering School will accompany you in order to teach you how to correctly interpret all of the different aspects concerning the mountains in addition to helping you choose the excursion or activity that best suits your needs and safety conditions.


Silvano, Armando, Lorenzo, Denis, Ezio, Mauro, Stefano, Davide, Italo and Lorenzo will accompany you and give you the chance to experience the freedom of an adventure with no limits or problems. The Val di Sole Mountaineering School provides an activity filled program.



Rock climbing and climbing courses
Trekking and high mountain excursions
Vie ferrate (protected climbing routes)
Trekking in the parks
Nordic walking
Educational activities for children and juniors


Ski mountaineering
Ice climbing
Snowshoe excursions
Educational activities for children and juniors


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