Scuola Italiana Sci e Snowboard Marilleva

Ski and Snowboard schools


Number of instructors: 70

Languages spoken: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish


  • Collective ski and snowboard courses for adults: 2 hours per day for 5 days Super Master Course: improvement, competitive technique, with audio and video corrections
  • Individual ski and snowboard lessons for adults: with a skilled school instructor, discover the fun of gliding on the snow with skis on your feet and explore the ski area from a different perspective.
  • Telemark courses
  • Freeride and freestyle courses: have fun in fresh snow with the guidance of an instructor who will explain the best techniques for descending safely. If you are passionate about acrobatic skiing, you can turn to the school, which will provide experienced instructors to teach you to have fun with skis on your feet.
  • Baby Ski Play course: with this course, even the little ones can learn through play (for children starting from 3 years old)
  • Full immersion course for children: 3 hours per day, 1 full day, pizza party, night skiing, end-of-course race, and closing party
  • Ski lessons for disabled individuals with specialized instructors: thanks to instructors specialized in accompanying people with disabilities on skis, the school offers everyone the opportunity to have fun on the snow.
  • Cross-country skiing courses
  • Baby Park Marillandia: reserved for little skiers with conveyor belts and inflatable fences to take their first steps in complete safety.



  • 8 instructors qualified to teach individuals with motor, sensory, and cognitive disabilities.
  • The school is equipped with a voice amplifier for the visually impaired.
  • Possibility to book 2 dual skis and one monoski with their respective stabilizers



WILD SNOWBOARD - Snowboard in fresh snow

Hate queueing? Can’t stand the thought of waiting to get on a chairlift? Ok, this is the perfect experience for you. Follow us in a winter adventure off the beaten track, along an unexplored crest at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites. Snowboarding in fresh snow, in total freedom, in absolute silence. Breathe deeply and enjoy a feeling of wellbeing and adrenaline in close contact with nature, down mountainsides that were unexplored before you came!
Completing this adventure with your friends will be a thrilling experience.



Costo: € 35 if the group is made of 5 peoplewhich includes accompaniment by a ski instructor and use of a shovel and ARTVA kit. The price is of € 45 is made of 4 people and € 60 if the group is made of 3.
Numero di partecipanti: minimum 3 - maximum 8 partecipanti
Durata: 3 hours
Luogo di ritrovo: Monte Vigo, at the arrival of Orso Bruno chairlift
Dettagli della prenotazione: booking is mandatory by 5.00 PM of the preciding Monday.




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