Tonale Peat Bog

Exceptionally high level of biodiversity


The Tonale peat bog is a basin-wide wetland area on the Trentino side of Passo Tonale with a wide variety of habitats that together create an exceptionally high level of biodiversity. And that’s exactly why this bog has become a protected nature area that is part of the «Rete Natura 2000», a network of nature protection areas that have been chosen and approved by the European Union.

The Tonale peat bog is a botanical paradise that is known worldwide: in addition to several carnivorous plants, the area is also home to numerous plants that can be found in arctic regions but that are very rare in the Alps. It is also the perfect habitat for many species of animals that live in wetland areas, mainly insects, amphibians and reptiles. Many of these animals are rare species like the dragonfly and the alpine newt. The start of this route (no access for babystrollers or wheelchairs), where you will find an informative sign, is located at the end of Via San Bartolomeo street near the parking area of the last apartment complex.


Passo Tonale

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