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A delicious array of speck and other typical cured meats

The famous speck and luganega (a pork sausage) are just some of the traditional products still made by hand in family businesses.  Typical of nearby Alto Adige but also widespread throughout Trentino, speck is protected by PGI branding (Protected Geographic Indication), IGP in Italian.  Rustic in appearance, its smoking and ageing processes give it a more decisive, saltier flavour than prosciutto crudo and it can be used in a wide array of dishes with pasta, game, and vegetables and it is an indispensable ingredient, together with stale bread and parsley, for the traditional dumplings called canederli. 
As well as speck, in Val di Sole they also produce salami, pancetta and luganega sausage.
Luganega (lucanica) in particular is the traditional cured meat for all families in the country. Eaten fresh, it is the classic ingredient for many typical recipes, such as canederli dumplings and sauerkraut, and once aged, it is excellent and perfect with potato pie, a traditional Val di Sole dish that you absolutely must try.

These cured meats can be bought in any butcher’s shop or farms in the valley.


Here is where you can buy speck and cured meats produced in Val di Sole

Pellizzano - Loc. Pressenago

Agritur Bontempelli

Caldes - San Giacomo

Agritur Solasna

Peio - Peio Fonti

Agricultural Farm by Lualdi Marco

Peio - Cogolo

Agritur Cazzuffi

Peio - Cogolo

Maso Pegolotti Dairy

Vermiglio - Località Velon

Bio Agritur Maso Celesta

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