Outdoor experiences other than skiing

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Val di Sole is much more than just skiing

Skiing and snowboarding in all their variants are just some of the things you can do during your holiday in Val di Sole. A passion for the great outdoors whatever the season and the chance to experience it in natural, peaceful environments should be enough to convince you to try out other activities on the ice and snow in total freedom.

Here are some must-try experiences for a holiday that is not just skiing. 


A sled pulled by dogs is a very Nordic image, but you can actually go dogsledding in Val di Sole as well.
Try this picture postcard experience!

Snow kiting

Let the wind propel you over the snow. You decide the route by manoeuvring the kite to suit the wind power in a perfect equilibrium of man and nature.

Ice climbing

Clinging to the glacier, climbing up metre after metre, using ropes, ice axe and crampons. In Val di Sole you can climb up frozen waterfalls and walls of ice.

Fat biking

If your love for MTBs knows no season, this is the place for you! Take a fat bike out for a ride up icy slopes; there’s even an electric model if you prefer less effort.

Wildlife Watching

Follow the prints left in the snow by animals to reach them and observe them in their natural habitat. An experience in the wilderness for a close-up look at the habits of woodland animals.


Would you know how to survive in the woods, with only the resources available in nature to help you? You will, after trying this immersive activity in nature.


Walking in the silence of the wood at dusk and stargazing in one of the most beautiful skies in Italy.
Try this unforgettable experience.
Caution in the mountains