Ski mountaineering at the Presena Glacier

Activity time
Durata in ore
Distance in km
Exciting ski mountaineering ascent that will allow you to ascend along the slopes at the foot of the Presena Glacier, covered by a soft blanket of snow.
A medium-low difficulty excursion that includes a comfortable ascent by cable car until reaching Passo Paradiso, from where you can already admire the azure color of the crystalline waters of the Monticello lakes. The route ascends steadily alongside Lake Monticello Medio and then Superiore before reaching Passo Presena at an altitude of 2753 meters.

Route info

3.4 km
Activity time
0:45 h.
Uphill Elevation
142 m
Downhill elevation
144 m
Technical skills
Physical effort
Highest point
2721 m
Lowest point
2579 m
Height difference
142 m


APT Valli di Sole, Peio e Rabbi


You can take a break before starting at the Rifugio Passo Paradiso, and then treat yourself to a great lunch break at the Capanna Presena (both shelters are open in winter).

Safety information

The stability of the snowpack is subject to sudden and unpredictable changes. Always consult the avalanche bulletin (on or other available sites for your area) and gather detailed information about the current weather conditions from the Alpine Guides Office of Val di Sole. The GPX tracks are purely indicative of the route but should not be followed without a prior assessment of the slopes at the time of the excursion.

From January 1st, 2022, it is mandatory for ALL skiers to have insurance coverage that includes liability for damages or injuries caused to third parties. The revision of the mountain safety code requires all minors to wear helmets and prohibits skiers from consuming alcohol.

Starting point

Passo Paradiso


Starting from Passo del Tonale, you take the comfortable Paradiso Cable Car up to the homonymous pass. From here, head towards the departure point of the Presena Cable Car on the left, take the path that first runs alongside Lake Monticello Medio, then passes by Lake Monticello Superiore, ascending along the ridge at the foot of the Presena Glacier until reaching the mid-station of the Presena Cable Car. For the descent, follow the easy slope to Passo Paradiso, where you can take the cable car down to the valley or choose to descend on the black slope to Passo del Tonale.

Public transportation

You can reach Passo del Tonale by taking the TRENTO - MALE' - MEZZANA train to the village of Mezzana (download the departure and return schedules) and then taking the Trentino Trasporti bus line to Passo del Tonale (download the departure and return schedules).

How to get there

Travel along the state road SS42 until you reach Passo del Tonale.

Where to park

You can leave your car at the Valbiolo Chairlift parking lot.
For all ski mountaineering excursions, it is recommended to have suitable clothing even in case of sudden drops in temperature. It is necessary to wear technical clothing that does not get wet when in contact with snow (such as Gore-Tex), gloves, hat, sunglasses, and protective sunscreen.

It is mandatory to carry the self-rescue kit consisting of Artva-Shovel-Probe (which can be rented if necessary, see the stores where it can be rented here). It is also advisable to wear a helmet (for minors, wearing a helmet is mandatory) or other active protection systems (e.g., backpacks with ABS-Airbag systems).

In the case of hard or icy snow, the use of crampons is recommended.

Caution in the mountains