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Obstacle courses in nature

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A ropes course is an adrenaline packed activity during which you'll overcome various obstacles along aerial courses. Aerial courses are made with ropes, cables and wooden walkways placed at different heights and connected with elevated platforms. You'll test your limits and put your balancing skills to the test. Safety is a top priority therefore ropes courses are recommended not only for adults but also for children. It's a fantastic experience surrounded by nature right in the heart of the forest.


Guaranteed fun

Val di Sole's ropes adventure courses are located at:

  • the Flying Park Adventure Park in Malé, where various aerial courses wind their way through the trees of the forest with the use of cables, platforms, bridges made of wood or with rope and environmentally friendly materials that perfectly blend together with the surroundings
  • at the Trentino Wild Adventure Park, located in the town of Caldes right along the bank of the river, there are more than 70 different trails to try. This adventure park, with various heights and difficulty levels, was created for children and youths from age 6 and up. Qualified staff, certified equipment and a 100% safe adventure park with a continuous lifeline safety system
  • the Extreme Waves Adventure Park in Commezzadura along the banks of the Noce River, on a 12 m high adventure park made with tree trunks that have been anchored into the ground and connected to each other with passageways that have different difficulty levels. A guide will assist you as you move through the ropes course in complete safety with a climbing harness and special equipment


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