Adrenaline on 2 wheels

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Gravity in Val di Sole Bikeland

Are there no limits to your passion for cycling? Once on the saddle, do you laugh in the face of danger?
Val di Sole Bikeland offers you all the gravity you seek: fun natural trails, wonderful single tracks and 2 bike parks with all the thrills and spills you could possibly desire.
In Val di Sole, which has hosted international bike events since 2008, you can tackle the top downhill trails, where the best riders compete every year. Tough trails that will test your fitness levels with their rocks and roots. How about a go down the dreaded Black Snake, perhaps one of the most difficult trails in the world?

Come and challenge the force of gravity in the valley that hosts international events! Check out the main characteristics of the 2 Bike Parks in the valley!

Archivio ApT Val di Sole - Ph. G. Podetti | © Bike Park Val di Sole
Bike Park Val di Sole | © Archivio ApT Val di Sole - Ph. G. Podetti

Val di Sole Bike Park

The venue for the UCI MTB World Cup competitions and the UCI MTB World Championship in 2008, 2016, 2021, and 2026: are you brave enough to tackle the Black Snake with its countless roots and dreaded rocks? 
Expert bikers are never disappointed in Commezzadura!

Archivio ApT Val di Sole - Ph. G. Podetti | © Bike Park PontediLegno-Tonale

PontediLegno - Tonale Bike Park

The first Family Bike Park in Trentino goes from Passo Tonale to Temù. 8 trails offering varying levels of difficulty and guaranteed fun for all: from expert riders to your rather reckless offspring. Something for everyone on the slopes of Tonale Pass.