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Official Fishing Guides - Trentino Fishing
You can also find expert fishing guides that will accompany you in all of Val di Sole's fishing areas.

Purchasing Fishing Permits

Foreign tourists who would like to fish, must have VALID ID and a FISHING PERMIT that can be purchased at any one of the authorized selling points.


  • Daily fishing permits € 19,00; consecutive 2-day permits € 34,00 or weekly permits (5 fishing days) € 79,00.
    A 50% discount will be applied for all those under age 14, when accompanied by an adult (except for the Magic lake).
  • Info on authorized selling points at:
  • Purchase online at:

It is forbidden to use more than one daily permit per day, except for the Magic Lake.
Carefully read the rules and regulations that are attached to all fishing permits.

Sport fishing shops

MALÉ Pianeta Sport Via Trento 43 (+39) 0463 901595
PELLIZZANO Vegher Sport Via Nazionale 10 (+39) 0463 751137



Fishing Associations «Associazione Sportiva Pescatori Solandri»

Fishing is definitely a relaxing sport that you can enjoy in both natural and artificial lakes like Pian Palù and the small Lago dei Caprioli lake in Fazzòn, just above the town of Pellizzano. All of Val di Sole’s fishing areas, depending on height and climate, have some form of life within them, from microorganisms to beautiful fish. The Noce River and its tributaries are of particular importance due to the various species of trout that can be found here: marble and brown trout and Arctic char.

Fishing in Val di Sole is managed by the Val di Sole Fishing Association:
Open: from Tuesday to Saturday 9.00-12.00


Cavizzana Hatchery

During summer, be sure not to miss the guided tour of the Cavizzana Hatchery, managed by the Associazione Sportiva Pescatori Solandri, which breeds the young marble and brown trout that are later released into the waters of the valley. The visit provides an overview of the local fish populations and includes a detailed explanation of how the hatchery operates and the pivotal role played by fishermen in safeguarding the local environment.

Commezzadura - Loc. Rovina

Recreational Fishing Magic Lake Val di Sole

Recreational fishing with equipment rental (fishing permit mandatory).

Recreational fishing lake, located in Commezzadura. Bar with drinks and sandwiches plus the equipment rental is open only on weekends during June and September, every day during July and August.
The € 19,00 fishing permit can be purchased directly at the lake or at the Jolly Bar and Riverside Bar in Dimaro, Bar Marameo in Commezzadura, Pianeta Sport in Malé, Vegher Sport in Pellizzano.

Ponte di Legno

Recreational Fishing Valbione

Recreational fishing with equipment rental (fishing permit mandatory)

Caution in the mountains