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MART Trento Art Gallery

Trento (55 km from Malé)
Also reachable by train from Mezzana (66 km)


Lake-dwelling Museum

Fiavè (68 km from Malé)


Nanno Castle

Nanno - Val di Non (22 km from Malé)
Not too far from Castel Valer and just a few steps from one of Val di Non’s oldest towns, you’ll find Castel Nanno, one of the most striking castles in the area. Its unique architecture that includes a central tower almost seems to be one of the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites that surround and protect it. The castle was already mentioned in a document from 1191. Castel Nanno is a treasure chest full of fascinating tales and legends that reveal the history of the local territory and the families that owned this castle. The love story between Melisenda and Ludovico and the witches that were burned at the stake are just some of the events that are part of the history of a castle that has survived over the centuries.


from 05.06. For opening times and access please consult the website:


Tridentine Diocesan Museum

Trento (55 km from Malé)
Also reachable by train from Mezzana (66 km)

San Michele all'Adige

Museum of the customs and traditions of the Trentino people

San Michele all'Adige (41 km from Malé)
Also reachable by train from Mezzana (51 km)
From a popular technology standpoint, this ethnological museum is Italy's most important and one of Europe's most significant.

Mattarello di Trento

Aeronautical Museum «Gianni Caproni»

Mattarello di Trento (64 km from Malé) 


Buonconsiglio Castle

Trento (55 km from Malé)
Also reachable by train from Mezzana (66 km)
The largest and most important historical complex in the Trentino Alto Adige region, it was the luxurious home of the Prince-bishops of Trento.

Molina di Ledro

Lake-dwelling Museum

Molina di Ledro (115 km from Malé)


Palazzo Nero

Coredo - Val di Non (25 km from Malé)
A fascinating way to discover this castle located in one of the oldest hamlets in Val di Non. Palazzo Nero was home to the Law Courts from approximately 1460 to 1475.
On the first floor, visitors can take in the so-called ‘Hall of Justice’, with its spectacular frescoes. The Palazzo once held a witchcraft trial with no less than 150 defendants.

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