Useful info - Customs and traditions


Tridentine Diocesan Museum

Trento (55 km from Malé)
Also reachable by train from Mezzana (66 km)

Mattarello di Trento

Aeronautical Museum «Gianni Caproni»

Mattarello di Trento (64 km from Malé) 


MART Contemporary and modern art museum of Trento and Rovereto

Rovereto (80 km from Malé)
One of the most important European museums with modern and contemporary works of art.


Rovereto Castle and the Italian War History Museum

Rovereto (81 km from Malé)


Coredo Castel

Coredo - Val di Non (25 km from Malé)
A fascinating way to discover this castle located in one of the oldest hamlets in Val di Non. Castel Coredo is an austere stately building. The existing compact 4-storey building dates back to 1726.
It houses valuable furnishings, hunting trophies and a small art gallery, largely consisting of portraits of ancestors and members of the House of Habsburg.


MART Trento Art Gallery

Trento (55 km from Malé)
Also reachable by train from Mezzana (66 km)

San Michele all'Adige

Museum of the customs and traditions of the Trentino people

San Michele all'Adige (41 km from Malé)
Also reachable by train from Mezzana (51 km)
From a popular technology standpoint, this ethnological museum is Italy's most important and one of Europe's most significant.


Belasi Castle

Campodenno - Val di Non (32 km from da Malé)
Located amidst apple orchards, this complex dates all the way back to the 13th century.
The castle's outer walls embrace the pentagonal keep (tower) while the inner castle is shielded by a dual wall


Lake-dwelling Museum

Fiavè (68 km from Malé)