The top 5 places for fall photos in Val di Sole 

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Foliage d'autunno

This is the perfect time of the year to experience the great outdoors, to breathe in fresh mountain air and to admire a crystal blue sky that you’ll only see this time of the year.
Autumn is a season that gives you all the time you need to take in the beauty of nature:  let the colours and shades of the season enchant you, experience a relaxing sense of inner peace; autumn is silence, the chance to listen to yourself in quiet, peaceful surroundings.
Fall is also the perfect season to take some fantastic pics. Every year we have the chance to enjoy all of these beautiful shades of contrasting colours that are nature’s best works of art.
Is there anyone that doesn’t love admiring all of these autumn colours? We absolutely have to take some pics to remember these moments!
And that’s exactly why we’ve put together the top spots in Val di to Sole to take some great autumn pics!

Is your battery fully charged? Have you cleaned your camera lens?
Ok, then we’re ready: here are our top 5 Val di Sole snapshot spots:

Val di Peio

#1 Lago di Covel 

A marvellous spot nestled among the Ortles – Cevedale mountains, in the Stelvio National Park. You won’t know where to start: the small alpine lake? The waterfalls? Or the “Malga” alpine dairy on the shore of the lake? No worries take your time and take as many pictures as you want: your pics won’t ruin the beauty of this area in any way at all.

Val di Rabbi

#2 Cascate di Saent 

A bubbly explosion in Val di Rabbi, right in the Stelvio National Park. It usually takes about 45 minutes to reach the waterfalls when you leave your vehicle at the Coler parking area: but in the fall time it’ll take you much much longer. How can you not stop to take a picture of all the rural mountain homes, the larch forests and the lovely mountain pastures?  It’s always a new and exciting feeling when you reach the Saent waterfalls and your pics will prove it!


#3 Lago dei Caprioli

At a height of  1280 m, in an area called Fazzon. The best way to take in all of the colours and the best views are to follow the pleasant trail that takes you all around the lake. You’ll be surrounded by all of the larch trees in the woods that at this time of the year turn into a lovely orange colour, but the can’t miss feature of this area is the reflection in the water of the lake. You have to take a picture or your camera will take it for you! 


#4 Lago di Pian Palù

We’re back in the Stelvio National Park again, in Val di Pejo. All of the larch trees around the lake are all decked out for autumn. The stunning mountain peaks surrounding this artificial lake create a breathtaking view to completely immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of this alpine valley. Looking for the wow factor for your photos? Then you’re definitely in the right place!


#5 Laghi del Malghetto 

This destination is one of the lesser known spots in Val di Sole, but take our word for it: you absolutely have to see these lakes, especially in the fall. If you’re looking for complete silence, you’ve made the right choice: two small mountain lakes, two sparkling jewels at the beginning of the Val Lares valley at a height of 2000 m. The reflection of all the larch trees on the lake are a sight you won’t want to miss.  

Caution in the mountains