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The 7 reasons to cycle in Val di Sole

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A family experience, on two wheels

Fueling curiosity, on the bike path

Think about it, this year you even have an alternative: you can decide whether to start from Cogolo di Peio, as you probably have done before, or from Vermiglio, thus becoming one of the first to inaugurate the new bike path section Vermiglio – Ossana.

We are talking, as you can imagine, about the Cycle Path of Val di Sole, which descends for over 30 km from the upper Val di Sole to the locality of Mostizzolo, becoming one of the most appreciated bike paths in the entire northern Italy.

Do you think we're boasting a little too much?

Trust us, we'll list 7 reasons why it's really worth cycling with your family along the Val di Sole bike path:

Pista Ciclabile Val di Sole | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Matteo Cappè

#1 Breathe freedom

Whether you start from Cogolo di Peio or from Vermiglio, the guarantee is the same: you'll pedal among meadows, pastures, amidst lush greenery, along the banks of the Noce River or the Vermigliana (if you start from Vermiglio) until Mostizzolo, a town situated in the valley floor. Are you ready to breathe in pure freedom to the fullest?

#2 Pedal among the castles

Which bike path allows you to cycle at the foot of not one, but two castles? Think about it carefully, but you won't find similar examples. Trust us: seen from the saddle, both Castel S. Michele and Castel Caldes are even more beautiful! And a visit to both fortresses is a must, it's worth it.

#3 Return with the BikeTrain

Your children are tired and want to return to the starting point? Consider that you can do so, and even in a sustainable way! The BikeTrain service, an electric train, allows the return from the bike path, transporting both bikers and bikes, bringing you back to any station of the Trento–Malé–Mezzana Railway in the stretch from Mostizzolo to Mezzana.

#4 Fill up on culture

Well, yes, during your relaxing day, we also provide some ideas for cultural visits near the bike path: how about visiting a museum dedicated to the life of bees, the Mmape in Croviana? Or what do you think about cycling to discover the 60 artistic sundials that embellish the town of Monclassico? You'll fill up on curiosity, and it will also be an opportunity to catch your breath!

Mmape Mulino Museo dell'Ape | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Tommaso Prugnola
Picnic Pista Ciclabile  | © Archivio ApT Val di Sole

#5 Enjoy a picnic

The over 30 km of bike path can be comfortably covered in a day (as most of the sections are downhill). Amidst all this freshness, with plenty of greenery around, wouldn't you want to take advantage of it for a picnic? From the Bici Grill in Pellizzano, to the Contre di Caldes, all the way to Ponte Stori, you'll find many well-equipped picnic areas to enjoy a well-deserved sandwich. However, there will also be fast refreshment points right on the bike path, where you can have a drink, a sandwich, or anything else you desire.

#6 Stop at the Kids Bike Park 

Consider that the bike path has diversions... made of fun! How about letting your little ones experience some stunts, safely, at the Kids Bike Park in Pellizzano? A convenient conveyor belt takes children to the starting point of the two prepared courses, two lines, one easier and one more difficult with a jump and two more challenging parabolic curves. The area is completed with a newly built, entertaining Pump Track.

#7 Take advantage of many services

9 Bike Centers, 22 Bike Rentals: any of your requests will be met in Val di Sole Bikeland!
Need a bike trailer for children? No problem!
Have a small pet you want to take hiking with you? Our Bike Centers also have pet trailers.
Nothing will be left to chance in your experience on the Cycle Pedestrian Path!

Discover all the information about the bike path

Have we convinced you? We're happy about it and we're confident that we won't disappoint you!
Below you'll find all the specific information, surely more technical, regarding our Cycle Pedestrian Path: the technical description, the directions to follow, and much more to make your day in the saddle truly unforgettable!


Val di Sole Cycling Path

Cavizzana, Croviana, Terzolas, Vermiglio, Caldes, Commezzadura, Dimaro Folgarida, Ossana, Peio, Pellizzano, Malè, Mezzana
Activity time
Durata in ore
Distance in km
Family-friendly cycle path that runs beside the River Noce in Val di Sole. 
Running alongside the River Noce for almost all its length, the 35 km Val di Sole cycle path goes from Cogolo di Pejo to Mostizzolo, following the old roads between villages, on riverbanks and through the countryside. It is an easy route, covering a total difference in altitude of 565 metres.

Various routes are possible, using the Dolomiti Express train (Train-Bike service) and the Bici Bus, specifically equipped to carry bikes, to integrate routes or as an easy way to travel up from the valley bottom. Bikes are also available for hire from numerous places throughout the valley.


The cycle path starts in the town of Cogolo, and after a short uphill stretch it leads down to the roughest part of the River Noce. Enjoy the inebriating majesty of its waters and the cool breeze they create.

From Ossana to Mezzana: the route alternates level and slight downhill stretches, passing the pretty villages of Ossana and Pellizzano. Pedalling below Castel San Michele will definitely be an exciting experience.
From Mezzana to Daolasa: still downhill and you can stop off in Daolasa to see the Mountain Bike World Cup race venue or take a ride on the cable car up to 2000m asl, offering one of the best views of the Brenta Dolomites.
From Daolasa to Malè: probably the easiest part of the entire cycle path. Through green meadows it will be fun to drop down alongside the River Noce, observing young and old having fun as they enjoy rafting down the famous waters of this Solandro river.

From Malé, the main town in Val di Sole, downhill to Mostizzolo, with a few gentle climbs and descents through the apple orchards in the valley bottom. At the end of the cycle path, you can ride back the same way or use the Train + Bike service for your return.

Route info

67.1 km
Activity time
5:30 h.
Uphill Elevation
791 m
Downhill elevation
766 m
Technical skills
Physical effort
Highest point
1187 m
Lowest point
550 m
Height difference
637 m


APT Valli di Sole, Peio e Rabbi

Safety information

Please note that the practicability of the itineraries in a mountain environment is strictly linked to the contingent conditions and is therefore influenced by natural phenomena, environmental changes and weather conditions. For this reason, the information contained in this page may have changed. Before leaving for a tour, make sure the path you will approach is still accessible by contacting the owner of the mountain hut, the alpine guides or the visitor centres of the nature parks, the info offices of the local tourist board.

Starting point



he Val di Sole pedestrian and cycle path starts at the bridge in Mostizzolo (0.00 km) near the Trento-Malè railway station.
This bridge crosses a deep crevice, where the River Noce plungs into Lake Santa Giustina, a huge reservoir behind a very high dam. The first stretch of the valley, despite it not being the lowest part, through a landscape with more markedly Alpine characteristics, because it goes through a cool wood of fir trees. As you continue, the wood gradually opens out into countryside with fruit orchards and large meadows, through to the town of Malè, the main town in Val di Sole. Along this stretch of the cycle path, protected from traffic, you will come to Ponte Stori (2.6 km), perfect for a stop. Once you get to Cavizzana (5.8 km) you face 380 m uphill, but before you come to Cavizzana you go back down to the Noce, crossing vast orchards at the foot of the massive building that is Castel Caldes and Rocca di Samoclevo above it, overlooking the other side of the valley.
At the seventh kilometre you come to “le Contre”, with sports and recreational facilities. Continuing still on the right-hand bank of the River Noce, you will shortly come to where it converges with the River Rabbies, which flows down from Valle di Rabbies into the Noce, one kilometre below Malè. Staying alongside the river, you go past Malè, the main town in the Val di Sole, which stands on a higher piece of ground. In this way the cycle path does not go through the town, which is however worth a visit to admire certain characteristic buildings and take a trip to the Museum of val di Sole Civilisation. The cycle path continues through the vast grassy plains that lead to the town of Dimaro (15.1 km) at the start of Val Meledrio, and the beginning of the road to Madonna di Campiglio.
For a long stretch it runs alongside the Trento-Malè railway, then through Dimaro, still alongside the River Noce, first on the right-hand and then the left-hand bank, to the town of Mestriago. Continuing to and passing Piano, you will come back to the riverbank, going past Mezzana at the slalom canoe stadium and through to the sports centre. Now you pedal easily along the path through to Pellizzano (25 km) where the new Bicigrill stands. On the level, you will approach Ossana and the Castello di San Michele, visible even from afar. Then it’s up the River Vermigliana for a short stretch near the campsite and across it over the bridge that leads on to Fucine (28.2 km) the crossroads between the Valle di Sole and the Valle di Peio.
At this point you are 985 metres above sea level. Once past Fucine you continue in a north-westerly direction where the cycle path enters Valle di Peio, at first almost on the level to Forno di Novale (29.85 km) and then uphill towards Cogolo. The valley is narrower here and you have to cross the Noce three times, the second time on the road bridge leading to Comasine, involving a short but steep stretch. Continuing upwards you will finally see Cogolo, which you will reach after a short steep downhill ride and a bridge that leads to the main road right at the start of the town (34.11 km).

How to get there

From Bergamo-Brescia: take the S.S. 42 Tonale state road. From Bologna-Verona and from Brennero: A22 Brennero motorway, come off at Trento Nord if arriving from the south, or at San Michele all'Adige if coming from the North. Follow signs for Cles and Val di Non along the SS43 and, after Cles, pick up the SS42 and follow signs for Passo del Tonale and Val di Sole.
Caution in the mountains