Floating over the snow in total freedom

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In a sea of white fun


What is Freeriding? Steering, riding free…

No better name for the sensation that this sport gives you: imagine riding down a slope immediately after a snow fall, totally free and in absolute silence.
A feeling of freedom to be inhaled deeply, in close contact with nature, down long, slopes that nobody before you ever explored!

Freeriding is a way of taking on the winter mountains, a new way of using the lifts that lets you then swoop down in your very own adventure, off-piste for that adrenaline rush, following the route you choose.


Let's be honest, this is not a sport for everyone. What do you need for freeriding?

  • You must be a truly expert skier
  • You must be fit, capable of extreme physical effort
  • You must know the winter mountains, the type and consistency of the snow. Ask an expert to accompany you and/or for useful advice
  • You must have the right equipment: Avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe, and obviously know how to use them

top route

The "Sgualdrina" at Passo Tonale

The Pontedilegno-Tonale Ski Area is one of the best places in Italy for freeriding and Sgualdrina is the quintessence of off-piste trails in a ski area that straddles Lombardy and Trentino.
The Presena cable car makes it easy to reach, and you can either get off halfway up or go even nearer the top, just a few metres from the summit of Mount Presena. The off-piste trail takes you down from the upper part of Val Presena, along the steep valley that leads to Lake Presena.


Make the most of the experience of freeriding

Descending the slopes entails gradually adapting to the snow underfoot. It is vital that skiers understand the difficulties, in other words what lies ahead and then follow the route sensibly, without exaggerating or trying to go at top speed. Knowing the conditions of the snow on the slopes is fundamental for totally safe excursions: the freeriding experts can give you all the information you need for totally safe descents.

Team della Scuola italiana Sci e Snowboard Tonale Presena | © Archivio Scuola italiana Sci Tonale Presena - Ph Mauro Mariotti
Passo Tonale

Scuola Italiana Sci Tonale Presena

Freeride in Val di Sole | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Tommaso Prugnola

School of Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering Val di Sole

Freeride in Val di Sole | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Brianimage
Caldes - Dimaro Folgarida

Trentino Wild Rafting & Outdoor

Passo Tonale

Evolution Ski school


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