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Panorama sulla Val di Peio, Celentino e Strombiano | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Giacomo Podetti
  HEIGHT:  1.173 m
  HAMLETS:  Celentino e Strombiano, Celledizzo, Cogolo, Comasine, Peio Fonti, Peio Paese


The valley

Val di Peio is a small valley nestled in the Ortles-Cevedale chain, heart of the Stelvio National Park. Peio is surrounded by some of Trentino’s highest peaks: Cevedale (3764 m), Palon de la Mare (3703 m), Vioz (3644 m) and San Matteo (3684 m). Here you can go skiing on the slopes of the Pejo3000 Skiarea. 
Starting at the bottom of the valley, the following villages appear one after another: Celentino, Strombiano, Comasine, Celledizzo, Cogolo (the municipal seat), and then higher up, Peio Fonti and Peio Paese, which are inside the Stelvio National Park. Iron ore was once mined from the mountains surrounding this area and, in fact, Val di Pejo is famous for its Peio Spring waters. The Spa of Pejo is open in the summer and winter for the treatment of respiratory, circulation, rheumatic and skin disorders. Beauty treatments are also offered. The whole valley stands out as a single summer and winter resort with stunning landscapes and easy walks that are a prelude to exhilarating high-mountain hikes.

Pista Val della Mite | © Archivio ApT Val di Sole - Foto Marco Corriero

skiarea Pejo3000

A Plastic-free Skiarea

Opened in 2011, the Pejo 3000 cable car takes you to an altitude of 3000 m for a breathtaking view that encompasses just about all the highest mountains in the eastern Alps, from Adamello to Marmolada, and enables skiers to hone their skills down an exciting run almost 8 km long arriving at Peio Fonti. In 2019, the Pejo3000 Skiarea became the first European skiarea to ban plastic. 


Active vacations

If you are looking for an active vacation in Val di Pejo, you have plenty to choose from. It boasts stunning and evocative trails suitable for any hiker. If you love challenging and strenuous hikes, then the trail up to the Vioz Hut or the Mantova Hut is for you. However, there are easier trails, like the one around the lakes of Cevedale or the ones leading to Lake Covel or Lake Pian Palù
If instead you prefer discovering the area from the saddle of your mountain bike, you can choose one of the many tours at Val di Pejo. One of the most evocative of these is the Great War tour, because it combines an outdoor sport activity with the discovery of historic sites from World War I. 

Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Tommaso Prugnola | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Tommaso Prugnola
Casa Grazioli - Ecomuseo Piccolo Mondo Alpino Val di Peio | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Tommaso Prugnola


History and Tradition

Val di Peio gives you the opportunity to devote part of your vacation to history and art. A must-visit is Casa Grazioli, which is situated in the village of Strombiano. It is an old peasant’s home whose interiors remain intact: the wood-panelled (in dialect “stüa fodrada”) bedroom, the ceramic stove (“fornel a ole”) and the two kitchens, equipped with open fireplace (“foglár”) and two bread ovens (“fóren dei panéti”). The characteristic house is the central portion of the Val di Peio Ecomuseum and the "G. Rigotti” Permanent Weaving Shop. Another place worth visiting is the White War “Peio 1914-1918 - The war on the doorstep” museum. The museum houses a collection of memorabilia, firearms and photographs from the First World War found at the Tonale and Ortles-Cevedale fronts, evidence of the long and bitter war.


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Peio - Peio Fonti

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Peio - Peio Fonti

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