The Park's playground

Playing and learning area


Getting to know the Park while having fun is a fantastic adventure that kids can experience in Val Saènt through the colours and sounds of natural elements. Sensorial discoveries and experiences are the main theme of the «Gioco del Parco», an educational yet fun area that has been created to give children the chance to fully understand and enjoy nature and all that it has to offer. The activities within this playground use several types of materials: iron, air, stones, wood and water that together help children discover this protected nature area by describing the local territory, flora and fauna.

How do the players in this game move about? They take on the shapes of the animals that live here, such as red deer, marmot, eagle and… man. The information available on notes and information panels stimulates the children’s fantasy, and they will learn to observe the environment and to find out more about the Park. The area for playing and learning is located on the very spot where masses of detritus, which was washed down the slope, accumulated after the landslide in September 1999, devastating the Val di Saènt.

Opening period

From June to September

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