Beekeeping in the mountains

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Honey, the nectar of the gods

For centuries, honey was the only sweetener and it has always been considered a product with a wealth of therapeutic properties: toning, detoxing, anti-toxic, digestion regulating, and scar healing. Everyone remembers their grandma’s remedy for flu symptoms. A cup of boiling hot milk and honey.
Honey from Val di Sole is special, rare honey. It is produced in small quantities and can be bought directly from the individual beekeepers, in some shops in the valley and at the MMape in Croviana, the Bee Museum that is also the headquarters of the Val di Sole, Peio and Rabbi Beekeepers Association.
Rich and nourishing, honey goes wonderfully with sweet and savoury, it is good on bread or in cakes and excellent with our Casolét cheese.


Here’s where you can buy the honey produced by Solandro farmers.

Peio - Cogolo di Peio

Berry Farm by Bernardi Giuliano

Ossana - Loc. Valpiana

Malga Valpiana

Croviana - MMAPE Museo Mulino dell'Ape - Loc. Molino

Associazione Apicoltori Val di Sole

Dimaro Folgarida - Dimaro

Agricultural Farm Fantelli Nicola

Dimaro Folgarida - Monclassico

Agricultural Farm Nido delle Aquile

Pellizzano - Loc. Fazzon

Berry Farm by Bernardi Giuliano