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Observe animals moving about in their natural habitat

If you like nature adventures, wildlife watching in Val di Sole will be an unforgettable experience. 
It takes place in Stelvio National Park, where environmental protection is the keyword, making it more likely that you will spot wild animals. 
Which animals? Mainly stag deer, birds, squirrels, groundhog, hares, roe deer, badgers, foxes and, with a bit of luck, even bears
Accompanying you on this adventure will be a woodland expert who knows the habits of the local fauna and will therefore take you to the places where animals are most likely to be spotted. Your guide will share secrets with you about the animals and plants that populate our forests and will guide you unerringly through the untamed environment of the mountain.   
Here, time takes on a new dimension, and against the snapping of branches, the rustle of leaves and larch needles underfoot, and trees stirring in the breeze, even the slightest nose or movement glimpsed through the fronds brings with it the expectant thrill of sighting some wild animal or another. Once an animal is spotted, time will stand still and become one long moment of amazed observation. 
Then, satisfied and with a happy heart, you get to end your excursion with a pause in a mountain chalet and a taste of typical local cake.  

Cervo in Val di Sole | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph. N. Angeli
Wildlife watching, osservazione degli animali | © Archivio Ursus Adventure


Will you definitely spot animals?

There are moments, especially at sunrise and dusk, when animals feel particularly safe in the silence of nature and move about quite freely. This is when it is easiest to spot them, making sure you don’t disturb the peace and quiet that reigns in the woods.

The guides accompanying you on these excursions know the animals’ habits really well: they know the hours they keep and the paths they usually follow and so they will take you to where you are most likely to spot them.  

And in the winter?
Some animals will be hibernating but those that don’t, such as squirrels, hares, roe and stag deer, and birds, tend to be much more stable deep in the woods and the prints they leave in the snow will guide you to them. 
You will be able to watch them and observe their behaviour in the muffled and at times surreal silence of the snowy mountains. 

Your guide will teach you how to move about while respecting the animals and your surroundings, all you have to do is follow their advice and enjoy the sight.


Experience Val di Sole | © Archivio Experience Val di Sole

Experience Val di Sole

Wildlife watching, osservazione degli animali | © Archivio Ursus Adventure
Ossana - Marilleva Mezzana

Ursus Adventures

Caution in the mountains